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Industrial Lamps - Our Inspiration

We are now crafting industrial lamps using iron pipe, vintage style light bulbs and supplies and repurposed liquor bottles given to us by a local restaurant.

While it has always been my desire to put a unique spin on this already popular lamp style, my first creation is rooted in the inspiration derived from someone very special to me and who left us way too early. As a firefighter of 6 years who lived with me for his months long training at the fire academy, my nephew, Barry ("BT") taught me a great deal about motivation, sacrifice and service. He loved our family and was a hardworking, dedicated public servant with an entrepreneurial spirit who was also a craftsman in his spare time. Among other projects, he completed a ground-up restoration on his classic Jeep and while a probationary firefighter, built a large bench for those who had long waits at a bus stop outside his fire station in Arlington, VA.

My thoughts were with BT as I made this eclectic piece, combining decommissioned fire hose, a vintage fire sprinkler, iron pipe from an estate sale, a base made from a whiskey barrel lid and, oh, a Fireball bottle. Interestingly, this bottle was among the first we were given by our restaurant friends to help get us started and it was a drink BT enjoyed on his night off each week during fire training. While I never accepted his many invitations to join him, I hope he is now smiling knowing I still remember.

Cheers BT and thank you!!

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