Very cool industrial style lamp handmade from a repurposed Crystal Head Vodka bottle and cork, this lamp is certain to be the focus of any room. Pipe and fittings are painted in distressed black and gold colors and sealed to inhibit rust.

Constructed with 1/2" black iron pipe and fittings (much of it repurposed), the lamp features a valve style on/off switch, low wattage Edison style bulb, 6 foot vintage style twisted cloth lamp cord and (polarized) 2 prong plug.


Lamp dimensions: 14"H x 13"D x 8"W


Note: All electrical components are new and UL listed.


**Disclaimer: The Registered Trademarks of the bottle brand belong to the respective owners, who are not affiliated in any way with the production or distribution of this product.


Crystal Head Vodka Bottle Industrial Pipe Lamp

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  • Included bulb is a vintage style 3w LED (40w equivalent) amber glass bulb with an estimated life of 13.7 years (based upon 3 hours of usage per day). It is replaceable if neccessary by removing 1 of the "crossbones" and unscrewing the bottle from the shade holder (as you would any light fixture).

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